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Shania mentions (continued)

The 20 Best Deep Cuts by 21st Century Country Stars

By Billboard Staff | November 22, 2017

This week on Billboard, we're digging for buried gems in the catalogs of our favorite artists across all genres. We've already revealed our 100 Best Deep Cuts by 21st Century Pop Stars and Rap Stars, and now we're going deep on country, unearthing the greatest non-singles by our favorite country stars from this century -- the best album cuts, bonus tracks and compilation appearances.

In other words, the best songs you might not know from the artists that you definitely do. From Tim and Faith to Brad and Carrie, here are our 20 favorite deep cuts from the biggest country greats of the century.

15. Shania Twain, "I'm Not in the Mood (To Say No)!" (Up, 2002)

Twain had already established herself as one of the sassier ladies on the country scene with Come on Over, but Up! took that attitude into the 2000s -- and songs like "I'm Not In The Mood" is a perfect example of that, with a little extra umph in the sound and production to help evolve Shania into the new millennium. Yet, inclusion of a fiddle post-chorus keeps things country, and Twain sounds confident as ever declaring herself officially ready for the world. -- T.W.


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Harry Styles Reveals His Biggest Music and Fashion Inspiration Is a Country Star -- Find Out Who! (Exclusive)

By Desiree Murphy | Entertainment Tonight | November 27, 2017

Ever wonder who influences the world's biggest pop stars?

Ahead of Tuesday's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai, ET caught up with one of the night's performers, Harry Styles. During our chat, he revealed the unexpected star who's inspired his music and unique fashion sense.

"I think both music and fashion, [my] main influence was probably Shania Twain," the "Sign of the Times" singer admitted. "Yeah, I think she's amazing."

And now that he mentioned it, we can totally see it! Here they are, for example, both sporting cheetah-print with black boots:

Metallic outerwear? A necessity! 

Styles also talked about being in Shanghai for the first time, and what it means to be a part of the most-watched fashion show on TV.

"It's very exciting," he exclaimed. "It's also my first fashion show. I think it will be fun."

"I've never played a fashion show before and this is one of the biggest," he continued. "It's a privilege. It's definitely fun to be here. "In addition to Styles, Miguel, Leslie Odom Jr. and Chinese sensation Jane Zhang will be taking the stage to perform as the VS Angels strut their stuff on the runway in this season's hottest lingerie looks.

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai airs Tuesday, Nov. 28 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

Click Link Below For Video.


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5 epic flops to see at the Museum of Failure exhibit

By Sandra Barrera | Los Angeles Daily News | December 4, 2017 

Samuel West was fed up with success stories.

Knowing there is much to be learned from defeat, West, a Sweden-based clinical psychologist who specializes in innovation in the workplace, set out to collect some of the most epic blunders of all time.

And the Museum of Failure was born.

The pop-up museum, which launched in Sweden to sold-out crowds, kicks off its first U.S. tour at the A+D Architecture and Design Museum in Los Angeles through Feb. 4. It includes more than 100 questionable inventions, including several homegrown products.

“These are funny and stupid things,” said West, curator of the traveling exhibition. “Obviously, we can laugh at them, but I want people to leave not being so fearful of (expective) up.”

Included in the exhibit are Donald Trump’s 1989 board game, coffee-flavored Coca-Cola BlāK, and the DeLorean. Other flops include the Shared Girlfriend sex doll from China, glue-on Nike Magneto magnetic glasses, and the marketing of Febreeze Scentstories.

As West explains, “The idea is you take scent discs and put them in a player and press the play button, and it plays your scent.”

“The problem was when it launched, Shania Twain was promoting it,” he says. “People thought it was music.”

There’s even a wall where museumgoers can post their failures.

In addition to the tour, the Museum of Failure plans to unveil plans in January for a permanent location in Hollywood set to open before the Oscars with a focus on entertainment.

According to promoter Martin Biallas, CEO of See Global Entertainment, there’s no end to the possibilities.

“We all mess up,” Biallas said. “But guess what? The big guys do that, too.”

Here are five of the biggest failures of all time:

1. Ford Edsel 

When it comes to cars, the Edsel is an icon of failure. The push-button shift system in the center of the steering wheel wasn’t the only problem. The look of the vertical grill on this over-hyped ride, circa 1958-60, caused some to refer to it as the “toilet seat grille” (among other things).

2. Olestra

Weight loss was a selling point of Proctor & Gamble’s calorie-free fat substitute found in foods, like fat-free Pringles, from 1996-99. But users also reported it also caused cramping, diarrhea and gastrointestinal distress.

3. Little Miss No Name

Hasbro launched this doll in 1965 to teach girls empathy. “Barbie is successful and beautiful,” West said. “This Little Miss No Name is sad and begging, with tears in her eyes.” Those weren’t the only tears shed: children were terrified of the saucer-eyed doll.

4. Itera bicycle

Volvo engineers designed this all-plastic bicycle in 1982, but it didn’t last. The problem? Makers didn’t account for heat, which cracked and melted the bike’s parts.

5. The Juicero

West is currently on the hunt for this tech start-up whose Wifi-enabled juicers sold for $700 – and failed. How come? Squeezing produce by hand was reportedly as effective as the machine.

Museum of Failure

When: 2 to 6 p.m. Wednesday, 2 to 8 p.m. Thursday and Friday, noon to 7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, through Feb. 4.

Where: A+D Architecture and Design Museum, 900 E. 4th St., Los Angeles

Admission: $8-$15, includes admission

Information: 213-346-9734.


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These Were the Most Popular Canadians on Twitter in 2017

By Sarah Murphy | Exclaim! | December 5, 2017

This year was pretty much a #dumpsterfire across the board, but it seems like some people managed to find solace on Twitter by cyber-stalking a number of Canadian celebrities from the entertainment world. The social media giant has just unveiled its year-end data, revealing exactly which Canucks were the most talked about in the Twitterverse.
Canadian pop stars had a good year (or at least a conversation-starting one), with Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes and Sebastian Olzanski topping the list of most-mentioned Canadian musicians. The Weeknd, Drake, Alessia Cara, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Celine Dion, Daniel Caesar and Shania Twain rounded out the Top 10.
As for the most buzzed-about duos and groups, Tegan and Sara, Nickelback, and Arcade Fire took the top three spots. The Tragically Hip, Simple Plan, Majid Jordan, Zeds Dead, Arkells, Marianas Trench and Hedley were the next most-mentioned acts who hail from Canada.
There were also plenty of screen stars that stirred up tweetstorms, including No. 1 most-mentioned Canadian actor Seth Rogen. The runners-up include Ryan Reynolds, Shay Mitchell, Stephen Armell, Nina Dobrev, Tara Strong, Grant Gust, Stana Katic, Tatianna Maslany and Nathan Fillion.
The Cancon shows that generated the most Twitter talk via hashtags, meanwhile, were Orphan Black, Schitt's Creek, Letterkenny, Alias Grace and Kim's Convenience.
When it came to gaining actual followers, the Biebs finally surpassed the 100 million follower mark (an accolade previously only achieved by Katy Perry). Shawn Mendes hit the 10 million milestone, Seth Rogen and the Weeknd each hit five million, and Arcade Fire and PARTYNEXTDOOR each reached the one million follower mark.
See full lists of the aforementioned stats down below, and check out Twitter's data report in its entirety over here.
Top 10 Most-mentioned Canadian Musician Accounts (Solo Artists):
1. Justin Bieber (@JustinBieber)
2. Shawn Mendes (@ShawnMendes)
3. Sebastian Olzanski (@sebtsb)
4. The Weeknd (@TheWeeknd)
5. Drake (@drake)
6. Alessia Cara (@alessiacara)
7. PARTYNEXTDOOR (@partynextdoor)
8. Celine Dion (@celinedion)
9. Daniel Caesar (@DanielCaesar)
10. Shania Twain (@shaniatwain)
Top 10 Most-mentioned Canadian Musician Accounts (Duos or Groups):

1. Tegan and Sara (@teganandsara)
2. Nickelback (@nickelback)
3. The Arcade Fire (@arcadefire)
4. The Tragically Hip (@thehipdotcom)
5. Simple Plan (@simpleplan)
6. Majid Jordan (@majidjordan)
7. Zeds Dead (@zedsdead)
8. Arkells (@arkellsmusic)
9. Marianas Trench (@mtrench)
10. Hedley (@hedleyonline)
Top 5 Most-mentioned Canadian Television Hashtags (Scripted Programs):
1. #OrphanBlack - Orphan Black
2. #SchittsCreek - Schitt's Creek
3. #Letterkenny - Letterkenny
4. #AliasGrace - Alias Grace
5. #KimsConvenience - Kim's Convenience
Top 10 Most-mentioned Canadian Actors:
1. Seth Rogen (@Sethrogen)
2. Ryan Reynolds (@VanCityReynolds)
3. Shay Mitchell (@shaymitch)
4. Stephen Armell (@StephenAmell)
5. Nina Dobrev (@ninadobrev)
6. Tara Strong (@TaraStrong)
7. Grant Gust (@GrantGust)
8. Stana Katic (@Stana_Katic)
9. Tatianna Maslany (@tatianamaslany)
10. Nathan Fillion (@nathanfillion)


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November 30, 2017

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The 5 shania twain looks that made her a fashion icon

The country-pop queen has always understood the power of animal print and PVC.

By Kelsey Lawrence | i-D | December 11, 2017

You know how when you were a kid, you would see a grown woman on television and think, “So, this is what I’ll look like someday.” Then you grew up and were like, “Wait a second, what happened? Who were those women? Where did they go?” Shania Twain was that woman. Shania Twain looking up cheekily with one smoky eyebrow raised from under her hat — “Let’s go girls” — is what you hoped womanhood would be like.

Strong, sensual, knows a good OTT silhouette when she sees one — that is Shania Twain. And even the kids who weren’t sentient during her 90s heyday recognize it. At the recent Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Shangai, Entertainment Tonight asked Harry Styles which other artist has most inspired his work. “I think both my music and fashion main influence was probably Shania Twain. Yeah, I think she’s amazing,” he said. The night before, Miley Cyrus had belted out a rendition of “Man, I Feel Like a Woman” on The Voice with her fellow team members all clad in Shania-esque leopard-print ensembles.

Like many true icons from the 90s and 2000s right now, Shania is finally getting her due for pioneering pop culture in those halcyon days of cowboy boots, crop tops, and flared jeans. Shania was the queen of country meets pop; she kicked her heels, she tossed her hair, she told us that any man of ours should know how the story goes. Here are five of her greatest looks.

“Man, I Feel Like a Woman,” 1999
My god. Is there a better female call-to-arms than the horns section — “BAH BAH BUH DUH DUH BAH BAH” — on “Man! I Feel Like a Woman”? That and Shania’s hand-waving invitation will make you, even at your very lowest, remember that the best thing about being a woman is “the prerogative to have a little fun.” The deconstructed men’s suit was so perfectly on-the-nose: white button-up, top hat with a fishnet veil, thigh-high boots, corset, tuxedo coat with a train.

The vacant-eyed male models wearing black PVC against apocalyptic clouds is a play on Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” video. But Robert Palmer has a bit of a haunted look in his eyes throughout his video; Shania looks like she’s having the time of her life.

Canadian Music Awards, 1999
Shania cleaned up, of course, at the 1999 Canadian Music Awards for Come on Over, and she wore an ensemble — a bubble-gum pink short suit complete with Dubble Bubble hat, boots, and gloves — that said, “You know it.” After Styles’s Twain fan moment, many outlets compared Twain’s 1999 look to the baby pink Edward Sexton suit Styles had worn in May when he performed on the Today show. Which, I mean, sure. But also, next time, Styles might want to consider accompanying gloves and a hat if he’s a real Shania aspirant. 

(A runner-up to this look is the pink vinyl jacket Shania wore at the 1995 Billboard Awards when she performed “(If You're Not in It for Love) I'm Outta Here!” in front of a smiling, nodding Michael Jackson.)

“Ka-Ching!,” 2003
Shania has never been one to shy away from the country version of extra — in fact, she patented her own brand: PVC-accented 90s country diva. “Ka-Ching!” is not a particularly memorable Shania Twain jam, but it was Shania getting a little experimental, introing the song with some Timbaland-style Indian beats. The song was on Up!, an album interestingly (and somewhat inexplicably) released in three versions: a pop version, a country version, and an international version with a Bollywood flavor.

“Ka-Ching!” was about consumerism and includes ominous descriptions of home foreclosures, but honestly you don’t really hear any of that when you’re watching Shania in an insane red strapless gown with her hair piled up and sparkly jewelry dripping off her like syrup. We learn that the look is an homage (maybe?) to a Renaissance painting of a woman wearing the same dress at 1:51. Googling various combinations of “red dress Shania Twain Renaissance painting” didn’t turn up any results, but the symbolism is there — heavily! — nonetheless.

“Any Man of Mine,” 1995
“Any Man of Mine” was Shania’s first crossover pop-country hit, breaking the Top 40 pop chart in the spring of 1995. The music video plays out like a Harlequin romance novel of the Western persuasion, but with no man present and no man necessary. Shania, wearing a Canadian tuxedo of a denim vest with high-waisted denim jeans, is a walking Wrangler fantasy. Her fringed chaps shimmy as she does a little two-step on top of her truck while washing her horse. This same horse later nuzzles her in a bathtub and brings her a towel, and there’s no less weird way to phrase that.

“That Don’t Impress Me Much,” 1997
This is Eilleen Regina Edwards’s masterwork. Sheena wore leopard print to rule the jungle, Christian Dior warned women not to wear it if they were “fair and sweet,” and Peggy Bundy wore it as armor against the daily mundanities of being a shoe salesman’s wife. Shania Twain wore it — complete with a matching leopard-print hat box and glossy red lips — to drive home the fact that even Brad Pitt did not impress her much.

I’m not sure where the decision for Shania to wear leopard print originated, but I will tell you this: wearing leopard print makes you feel a little bit untouchable and, as a result, less impressable. The only other diva to approach this level of leopard print alchemy was Dolly Parton on the Backwoods Barbie album cover.

This video and, more importantly, this outfit is the defining moment of the Shania Twain persona: she is a woman who may not be impressed by much — but is certainly open to the possibility.


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How Shania Twain Built Her Legend

By Jewly Hight | Vulture | September 29, 2017

When once-ubiquitous hit maker Shania Twain walked away from her commercial dominance in the early 2000s, going a decade and a half without releasing a new album, the world more or less sealed her songs, sound, and image into a time capsule. Her music could conjure feelings of nostalgia — and kill at karaoke — but her diamond-certified sales records were triumphs of a bygone era. In the years since, Twain’s history-making musical trajectory seemed to flatten into a single fact: that she was as big, and as global, a superstar as we’ve seen.

It’s as though she anticipated that she would need to reassert her place in the present. She’s titled her new album, which arrived today, Now, and she’s emphasized that she isn’t stuck in a pop landscape of the past. “I really feel like I’m coming back into worlds that I already know,” she said in a recent interview with the New York Times.

In Nashville, where she launched her career in the early ’90s, Twain has come to be embraced as an elder and an archetype. Carrie Underwood had to prove that she could handle one of Twain’s hits when she competed on American Idol en route to becoming one of the reigning pop-country figures of the post-Shania era. Several years back, the duo Florida Georgia Line sang lyrics that invoked Twain’s name as shorthand for countrified sex appeal. Other current pop-country acts, like Lady Antebellum and Kelsea Ballerini, have greeted Twain’s return with giddy gestures of tribute and deference. Within the country-music industry, Twain is widely recognized as the artist whose expansive approach paved the path between country and pop that Taylor Swift would later follow, a point underscored when Twain and Swift were cast side by side in a Thelma & Louise spoof for a 2011 awards show.

Twain ultimately became one of the reigning divas of her day across all genres. On the first edition of the VH1 special Divas Live, she was a headliner, sharing the spotlight with Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Céline Dion, and Gloria Estefan. When Rihanna recalled the music that had impacted her in a 2009 interview, she said she “used to listen to all the divas,” by which she meant Whitney Houston, Mariah, Celine — and Shania.

Twain’s songs have functioned as pop-culture touchstones: in a singing-along-with-the-radio scene in Britney Spears’s movie Crossroads; in a Jonas Brothers concert film; in an endearing cover by Haim that made the blog rounds this July.

That same month, Twain released a video of her own for her album’s first single, “Life’s About to Get Good,” a breezy slice of Europop. The clip depicted a Broadway-style daydream about a tropical beach vacation. Right in the middle of it, she’s handed a portrait of herself and her ex-husband, writer-producer Mutt Lange, and she flips it upside down, dumping his face from the photo. It’s her not-so-subtle way of signaling that he’s out of the picture creatively too — one way that she’s flexing her independence in this new phase. She and Lange made her three biggest albums together, but she wrote every song on Now, her most confessional album to date, alone.

It’s the perfect time to revisit how she made her mark. Here are the seven key steps on her path to becoming an icon.

1. The Tale of Humble Beginnings
Twain arrived on the country scene as a hard-luck heroine with a backstory that inspired empathy and admiration. She described her childhood in rural Ontario as one of violence, deprivation, and tragedy, throughout which she’d helped bring in a little money for the household by singing in nightclubs and resorts. After her parents died in a car accident, she took responsibility for her younger siblings, delaying her pursuit of a Nashville country career until they were old enough to be on their own. Just about every journalist on earth recognized how compelling that narrative was and led with it. Twain made the most of the interest in her story as she fashioned her resilient persona.

2. The Revolutionary Reveal
Twain’s image took on a flirtatious quality when she showed her belly button in the music video for her pre-breakthrough 1993 single “What Made You Say That,” posing on a beach in a cropped peasant shirt. That was the first of many midriff-baring outfits to come. Her wardrobe choices initially scandalized Nashville, then revolutionized the way that women in country music presented themselves. Years later, Twain was still being asked to explain what made her expose her navel on camera. In one mini-doc, she talked about being influenced by Madonna and Janet Jackson videos. “I mean, they always wore midriffs,” she pointed out. “I didn’t think I was doing anything new. But it was new for Nashville.”

3. The Big, Bold Personality
Equally influential was the personality that Twain projected in her performances. Country music had already had its share of feisty female vantage points, but she delivered an assertive, fun-loving, distinctly contemporary angle on femininity that felt in step with a moment when young women were savvily pushing against the boundaries of propriety. In some of her most memorable hits, she demanded romance that let her feel comfortable in her skin, reveled in her sensual power, cleverly dressed down male egos, and went after what she wanted with unapologetic forwardness. Generations of self-assured music-making women took notes.

4. The Rock-and-Roll Sound
Rock energy was already finding its way into country music by the mid-’90s. In previous decades, acts like Kenny Rogers had helped lay groundwork with the soft-rock spectacle of their live shows, and Twain’s contemporary Garth Brooks was bent on amplifying his twang to bombastic arena-rock scale. But she radically accelerated the process when she creatively teamed up with, and married, Mutt Lange, the producer of classic albums by AC/DC and Def Leppard. He brought a kinetic guitar attack and thundering backbeats to her albums, and worked with her to sculpt sharp, sticky hooks that found a home on country, pop, and adult contemporary playlists alike.

5. The Equal Partner
Something else that stood out about Twain’s collaboration with Lange was the way she combated assumptions about how such a partnership worked. Since he was the one with a discography studded with blockbusters stretching back to the early ’70s, critics sometimes cast him as a Svengali and her as a passive beneficiary of his aesthetic vision. But she continually insisted that she brought her own ideas to the table, that she and her husband functioned as creative equals, that they genuinely co-wrote her songs.

6. The Crossover Visionary
Twain and Lange’s final album together, 2002’s Up!, was a pioneering experiment in country-to-pop crossover. Twain surprised her fans with multiple versions of the entire track list. If consumers lived in the U.S., they got the “Green Disc” and the “Red Disc,” featuring production, instrumentation, and mixing that were meant to give the album a pop-country or just plain pop feel, respectively. Overseas fans instead got “Red” and “Blue,” the latter a globally minded version with Bollywood flourishes. The three-way presentation drove home the adaptability of her sensibilities and the international reach of her appeal.

7. The Survivor
During Twain’s long break from album-making, she faced a series of crushing setbacks: Lange’s alleged dalliance with one of her best friends, the subsequent disintegration of her marriage and musical partnership, and worst of all, the loss of her ability to sing, which was eventually attributed to nerve damage to her vocal cords caused by Lyme disease. She made use of her public platform to deal with these crises, treating an Oprah interview, a self-help television series on OWN, and a memoir as therapeutic outlets — reclaiming her narrative in the process and setting the stage for her return this week with Now.


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Remember When Shania Twain and Billy Currington Had a ‘Party for Two?’

By Laura Hostelley | Sounds Like Nashville | December 28, 2017

Shania Twain’s list of duet partners throughout her career could act as a who’s who of the music industry, ranging everywhere from NSYNC to Nick Jonas. But one of her most successful duets was when she teamed up with a fellow country star.

Twain joined forces with label mate Billy Currington for the flirty hit, “Party for Two” in 2004. It was the lead single off of her Greatest Hits compilation, and became Twain’s 16th top 10 single. The song is a back-and-forth conversation with Twain egging Currington to come to her party, with the catch being it was going to be just the two of them.

At the beginning of the track, Currington is hesitant. But he seems to come around toward the end of the tune.

“I’m having me a party/(I don’t think I can come)/Uh, uh, this ain’t just any kind of party/(Nah, I think I’ll stay at home)/Uh, oh, no It’s gonna be really, really hot/(Startin’ to sound good)/I’m gonna put you on the spot/(Baby, maybe I should),” the vocalists croon in the opening verse. 

The music video is just as fun as the song, featuring Twain and Currington roaming the streets of London getting ready for their party. The closing scene depicts the pair at a fancy dinner table, which seconds as their personal dance floor. At the end they are swinging from the chandelier and appear to be having a blast.

“Party for Two” was a huge commercial success for Twain and Currington as well. Currington was new on the country music scene and was still a year away from his first No. 1 single. This exposure launched him into the limelight where he has stayed ever since. 


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The 15 Best Shania Twain Songs, Ranked

By Bobbie Jean Sawyer | Wide Open Country | December 29, 2017

With multiple No. 1 hits and three diamond-selling albums, Shania Twain is one of the most successful artists in music history. But her influence stretches far beyond chart success and album sales. Twain bridged country and pop, bringing country music to a whole new audience. Beyond that, her lyrics spoke to a generation of women raised on the boldness of Dolly and Loretta who embraced Twain’s independence and assertiveness. The women in Shania Twain songs were brazen, empowered and altogether real.

After she was sidelined from a battle with Lyme Disease, which caused vocal dysphonia and damaged her vocal cords, the Canada-native came back strong with a batch of great new songs. She released her fifth studio album Now–her first new music in 15 years– in September, proving she’s still the reigning country-pop queen we all fell in love with.

From her crossover smashes to her vulnerable ballads, here are the 15 best Shania Twain songs, ranked.

15. “Honey, I’m Home”

Twain certainly wasn’t the first country artist to pen a working woman anthem, but with “Honey I’m Home” she did create the most in-your-face one. Seventeen years after Dolly called out workplace inequality in “9 to 5,” Twain lamented the job that “sure don’t stimulate my brain.” But Twain doesn’t just ask for respect, she demands it. Along with a home-cooked meal and a cold beer when she gets home. The track from Twain’s crossover smash Come On Over went to No. 1 on the country charts in 1998.

14. “You’ve Got a Way”

Though she could write a kiss-off anthem like no other, Twain also had a hand in writing some of the best crossover love ballads in ’90s country. Written with her former producer, ex-husband Mutt Lange, “You’ve Got a Way” was nominated for Song of the Year at the 42nd Grammy Awards.

13. “I’m Gonna Getcha Good!”

After the unprecedented success of Come On Over, Twain was tasked with writing a new album of highly anticipated material. She delivered with 2002’s Up!, leading off with “I’m Gonna Getcha Good!,” a dancey ode to pursuing new romance. Paired with a cinematic music video, Twain took the song to No. 7 on the Billboard country chart.

12. “(If You’re Not In It For Love) I’m Outta Here”

“(If You’re Not in it For Love) I’m Outta Here” finds Twain interacting with a big talker who promises her the world, including a modeling career. But Shania is no fool, coolly telling him where to go if he’s not in it for the long haul. The song stands as one of Twain’s most memorable hits, reaching the No. 1 spot in 1996.

11. “You Win My Love”

If there’s one thing Shania Twain has taught us it’s that it’s important to know what you want. And in her 1996 single “You Win My Love” Twain lays out what she wants in a relationship. Whether he drives a “55 Chevy or a fancy little pickup truck,”  the pop-country queen wants a man who’s willing to give his all.

10. “Don’t Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)”

The second single from Come On Over, “Don’t Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)” finds Twain telling a jealous lover to just get over it already in typically brash fashion. The song climbed to No. 6 on the country chart in 1998.

9. “The Woman in Me (Needs the Man in You)”

The third single and title track to her second album, “The Woman in Me” showcased Twain’s softer side. Though the song didn’t crack the Top 10, the track’s raw vulnerability is a reminder of what a well-rounded artist she is.

8. “Forever and For Always”

The third single from Twain’s fourth studio album Up!, “Forever and For Always” remains one of Twain’s most enduring love songs. The song was nominated for Best Country Song at the 2004 Grammy Awards.

7. “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?”

The first single from Twain’s sophomore album The Woman in Me, “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?” is a straight-up honky- tonker for the scorned woman. The barroom burner finds Twain calling out her womanizing partner for his transgressions with Lolita, Rita (“the redhead down the lane”) and “long-legs Louise.” The song became Twain’s first major hit and laid the groundwork for her reputation as an unshakeable spitfire. If you cross Shania Twain she will handle it. And she’ll do it all in a red dress and heels, naturally.

6. “That Don’t Impress Me Much”

Only Shania Twain could incorporate Brad Pitt, Elvis and rocket scientists into a country song and make it totally work. “That Don’t Impress Me Much,” an irresistible eye roll directed at big shots and egotistical pretty boys, peaked at No. 8 on the country charts in 1999 and remains one of her best songs.

5. “From This Moment On”

Twain initially had Celine Dion in mind for “From This Moment On,” but she decided to keep the song for herself and record it as a duet with Bryan White. The soaring, anthemic love song went to No. 1 on the Adult Contemporary and country charts.

4. “Man! I Feel Like a Woman”

From the cheeky opening of “Let’s go girls,” you know “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” is going to be a wild ride. The song is an all-out celebration of being a woman, being free and being yourself. “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” remains one of Twain’s most memorable and greatest hits and a reminder of why she’s one of the best female country artists in history.

3. “No One Needs to Know”

The stripped-down “No One Needs To Know” was a stylistic departure for Twain, who was still riding high from the success of the poppy “You Win My Love” when she released it. The song follows Twain in newfound love with a tall, dark and handsome man and daydreaming about having “a little girl, a little boy, a little Benji we’ll call Leroy.” The breezy love song went to No. 1 in 1996.

2. “You’re Still the One”

“You’re Still the One” was a career-defining moment for Twain. It was the song that made her into a bona fide crossover success. The steamy song was everywhere in 1998 — weddings, proms and certainly in the background of countless summer hookups. “You’re Still the One” won two Grammy awards in 1999 and topped both the country and pop charts, proving that when it comes to romance, a great song is a great song. 

1. “Any Man of Mine”

She’s been such a force in pop culture for over 20 years it’s easy to forget just how groundbreaking Twain was when she burst onto the county scene with “Any Man of Mine,” wearing a midriff-baring denim vest (yes, that was somehow still considered controversial in early ’90s country) and singing a song about her relationship demands.

Following in the footsteps of trailblazing country women who took issue with their men’s no-good ways, Twain wasn’t shy about what she wouldn’t put up with. And Shania laid it all on the line from the get-go. From the tongue-in-cheek lyrics (“I can be late for a date- that’s fine- but he better be on time”) to its soaring fiddles and country dance hall stomp, “Any Man of Mine” was a warning to Nashville that Shania Twain was a force to be reckoned with.


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Millennials React To Shania Twain's Looks | Rare Reacts

Rare Country | December 23, 2017 

Shania Twain has had some of the best country looks of all time! What did these Millennials think? Watch and find out!


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10 Country Songs About Being a Kickass Woman

By Cillea Houghton | Taste of Country | December 30, 2017

#1 "Man! I Feel Like A Woman!" - Shania Twain

When thinking of country songs that celebrate being a woman, this classic Twain hit instantly comes to mind. The song's upbeat energy is infectious, with Twain's enthusiastic spirit shining through along with the cheerful lyrics that celebrate womanhood. She said it best when she proclaimed, "The best thing about being a woman is the prerogative to have a little fun," making us all free to "feel the way I feel" in a hit that made a statement in the 90s country sound.

Click Link Below For Rest Of Top 10.


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50 Greatest Hot 100 Songs By Women

#27 - "You're Still The One" by Shania Twain


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Lauren Alaina delivers a sexy Shania Twain cover with a famous friend

Lauren Alaina set Nashville’s Lower Broadway on fire when she performed a pair of Shania Twain cover songs. Her midriff-baring outfit also gave a nod to Shania’s sexy style.

By Hunter Kelly | Rare Country | January 15, 2018

Shania Twain caused quite a stir when she bared her midriff in the 1995 video for her breakthrough hit, “Any Man of Mine.” Lauren Alaina revived that sexy look as she delivered a pair of Shania Twain cover songs on Nashville’s Lower Broadway Sunday night, Jan. 14. Just check out this video of Lauren putting her own spin on “Any Man of Mine” with a little help from her pal, Jon Pardi.

Earlier in the night, Lauren delivered another Shania cover — “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” We’ve got video of that fun moment, too.

Video -

Way to bring the heat on a cold January night in Nashville!

Lauren wasn’t the only country star covering their favorite ’90s hits Sunday night. Thomas Rhett, Cole Swindell, Brothers Osborne, LANCO’s Brandon Lancaster, Maddie & Tae, Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris all sang their favorite hits from that decade backed up by Dierks Bentley’s band. Dierks had invited a bunch of his artist friends to help him break in the new performance stage at his brand-new downtown club, Whiskey Row.

Dierks got the night started singing a song called “The Key’s in the Mailbox” that he sang during his early days playing the honky tonks on Lower Broadway. He then dedicated his performance of a new love song from his upcoming album, “The Mountain,” to his wife, Cassidy, before launching into ’90s covers like Aaron Tippin’s “There Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong with the Radio” and Alan Jackson’s “Dallas.”

Opening his own honky-tonk on Nashville’s Lower Broadway is a really huge deal for Dierks since he was just looking to make a paycheck on that famed street when he first got to town. Before he sang, Dierks told a story from his early days in Nashville about trying to get a job at Joe’s Crab Shack, which is still running just a block away from his new venue.

Dierks said, “Before I got a gig on Lower Broadway, I was looking to work at Joe’s Crab Shack. I was waiting in line behind this guy. He was a nicely-dressed guy. He was going through his resume — all the jobs he had working in a restaurant. He started off talking about being a janitor and then he was a dishwasher. Then he got a job being the host and he worked his way into the kitchen and eventually got a job being a waiter. Then he was the head waiter. I’m sitting here going, ‘My only experience at the bar is drinking.’ I’d never worked behind one. I just thought I could go grab this job. I realized then that I really needed to get my sh*t together and be really focused on what I was doing. I haven’t really stopped since that moment to think about it. It’s pretty crazy.”

You’ve come a long way, Dierks!

As for the other standout performances of the night, Jon Pardi proved to be the night’s MVP as he closed out the evening covering Garth Brooks’ “Callin’ Baton Rouge” and even Dierks’ own “Lot of Leavin’ Left to Do,” among a few other selections. His take on George Strait’s “Easy Come, Easy Go” was a lot of fun, too, even though he got the words a little mixed up. Like a pro, Jon laughed it off quickly.

Check out this Insta post for some more highlights from the night. There’s Brandon from LANCO delivering the John Michael Montgomery tongue-twister “Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident),” Cole Swindell doing Tim McGraw’s “I Like It, I Love It” and Maddie & Tae covering Jo Dee Messina’s ’90s cover of Dottie West’s classic “Lesson in Leavin’.”

A few other country stars were spotted in the crowd, including newlyweds Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans, plus Chris Young and Eric Paslay. It was truly one of those nights that could only happen in Music City.


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'Inspiration to all curvy women' - Ashley Graham drops jaws in lingerie while singing Shania Twain

The plus-size model found a new way of promoting her new lingerie line for Addition Elle.

By Lucia Binding | International Business Times - UK | January 16, 2018

Plus-size model Ashley Graham has sent fans into a frenzy once again, wowing in lingerie in an entertaining Instagram clip.

The 30-year-old US fashion star found a very interesting way of promoting her new lingerie line on the social media platform, singing along to Shania Twain's That Don't Impress Me Much into a gold microphone.

The magazine cover girl proudly shows off her curves in the clip by sporting a grey two-piece from the range, oozing glamour with her bronzed makeup and wet-look hairstyle.

Graham captioned the video: "Everyday Sexy Essentials Lingerie Collection, now available - link in bio #ashleygrahamlingerie X @additionelle", which was met with tonnes of comments from her 6 million followers.

One person wrote: "You are an inspiration to all curvy women of the much ❤️ ❤️♥️", while someone else added: "God you're just awesome girl!! "

A third put: "Such a beautiful, confident, inspiring woman! ❤️".

Graham's latest design venture is for Addition Elle, which is aimed at plus-size women and features on-trend clothing from activewear to underwear.

The model's latest body-positive and carefree Instagram offering comes after she told People that she refuses to get anxious about what she posts, because it is just a waste of time.

She told the publication: "I'm being my real raw self and that's what I always preach anyway. What you see is what you get.

"I always say be anxious for nothing because if this is my social media, if this is a platform for me to really get the word out and get my brand out then why am I gonna be anxious about it?"

Graham also doesn't feel threatened by other social media beauties, claiming she follows "all the models" because it is "great to see what everybody is doing".

She also said that her favourite is Kathy Ireland, revealing: "I wouldn't say that her Instagram is the best, necessarily, but I follow her because she's so business savvy. She posts her products, she doesn't post her personal life."


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"SAME SHIRTS" - Ft. Shania Twain


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Listen to Marilyn Manson + Shania Twain Mashup ‘Man I Feel Beautiful’

By Michael Christopher | Loudwire | January 30, 2018

Ever wonder what it would sound like if Marilyn Manson and country superstar Shania Twain shared the same studio? Neither did we, but thanks to DJ Cummerbund, what was once just a dream of the most masochistic of minds is now a reality as he's mashed up "The Beautiful People" with "Man! I Feel Like a Woman."

The mashup, which can be seen and heard in the video below, combines Twain's music with Manson's vocals, providing an amazing alignment that even Miss Cleo couldn't have foreseen. Manson's song from his breakthrough LP Antichrist Superstar seemed to be everywhere upon its release in the fall of 1996, while Twain's single came from her 1997 album Come On Over, has sold a staggering 40 million copies plus to date.

Cummerbund's mix-fest follows his ridiculously guilty pleasures of past where he combined The Commodores "Easy" with "Rock and Roll Nite" by Kiss and somehow made Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" a perfect companion to Van Halen's "Jump."

Just last week, Marilyn Manson was announced as one of the headliners for the Rock USA festival, which is scheduled to take place July 12-14 in Oshkosh, Wis. The shock rocker will be joined by the likes of Godsmack, Rob Zombie, Shinedown, Halestorm, and Stone Temple Pilots on the lineup.


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How to soundtrack your life with Shania Twain

By Kate Robertson | The Spinoff | February 1, 2018

Kate Robertson has, on occasion, soundtracked her life entirely with Shania Twain. Here’s how you can too.


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11 Country Singers Who Should Be In The Hall Of Fame

Taste of Country | February 10, 2018

This debate promises to get heated. Who should and shouldn't be in the Country Music Hall of Fame? The topic is more divisive than bro country.

The 11 should-be-inductees we've chosen for this episode of This List include one major head-scratcher and at least two who only dominated for a short amount of time — but man, did they ever dominate. This is your friendly reminder that Hank Williams, Jr., is not in the Country Music Hall of Fame. Sure, he doesn't play nice and kiss butts, but dang does he ever have the resume for it!

Five women are on our list of singers who should be enshrined in the Country Music Hall of Fame. Historically females have struggled to get in (none since 2012), but we can make a strong case for Dottie West, the Judds and more. Should Shania Twain be in the Hall of Fame? You can weigh in on that in the comments section below.

Even our list of snubs includes a few snubs. Perhaps you think we're even a little too gracious to artists like John Denver and Kenny Chesney. Each episode of This List is a conversation starter and we welcome civilized feedback. Then be sure to subscribe, because if you think this topic is hot, wait until you see what's coming in the weeks to come!


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