Whitney Houston: 'Million Dollar Bill'


From the opening notes of this comeback single, it's clear The Voice has changed. It's deeper than you remember, huskier too, and when it soars, it's like an eagle that's getting on a bit and had a long day at the office. Funnily enough though, this lived-in quality - and we all know how lived-in thanks to that Oprah interview - is actually quite appealing.

It also suits the romantic optimism of the song. Co-written by Alicia Keys, 'Million Dollar Bill' is a midtempo disco tune with a message as feelgood as a Nora Ephron movie. "If he makes you feel like a million dollar bill," Houston sings on the chorus, "Say oh-oh-oh-oh". This isn't the most exciting thing she's ever recorded, but it is classy, dignified and pretty timeless-sounding. Isn't that just what you'd want from Whitney in 2009?