It’s been three years since Elliott Yamin came in as third runner up in season five of American Idol, but for the singer, it seems like yesterday.

Since then, he’s been building his career and getting a lot of recognition, but he hasn’t forgotten who helped him along the way and what’s important in life.

That’s why he’s finding ways to help others and that includes, not only charity events and speaking engagements, but a second USO tour for Yamin also, to entertain U.S. soldiers stationed in Guam and Japan.

He tried hard to have the Middle East as his destination, but after careful examination, Yamin was confident the troops in Asia needed the attention just as much.

The singer naturally has warm and fuzzy memories of competing on Idol, and he’ll get to relive those moments now that American Idol Rewind is re-broadcasting the entire competition complete with interviews interjected to boot.  Still, he knows what a memorable year season five was.

After all, Taylor Hicks won, Katharine McPhee came in second, he landed in third place and Chris Daughtry surprisingly only managed fourth place.  Plus, it was arguably the most watch year for the series.

Yamin is also aware of what a different show American Idol will be when it returns in January without Paula Abdul and Ellen Degeneres firmly planted in her place as the fourth judge…not that he thinks that’ll be bad for the reality series.

Elliott Yamin’s USO tour gets underway Thursday, October 8th, 2009.

American Idol Rewind is nationally syndicated and is already underway airing the season five episodes.