Before long, Nick will get to join his brothers and former bandmates, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas, for some well-deserved family time. "I think people have this idea of what the Jonas family holiday is like on Christmas, like it's all of us singing Christmas carols together. But I think we probably will do that this year, because my niece, Alena, is newly really into singing. She's learned a bunch of Christmas songs, so I'm going to have to do some singing with her." Nick's favorite holidays tunes include Bing Crosby's "White Christmas," as well as some of Michael Bublé's music. "And I'm going to be selfish and say my song with Shania Twain!" he said with a laugh. As for his 3-year-old niece, Nick said she's almost old enough to grasp what he does for a living. "I think she's getting it, but she's not fazed by it at all. She's still the princess of the house when we walk in, and when she says it's playtime, we've all got to go play with her. You have to go! She's not fazed, but I love watching her. They'll send me videos of her watching me or Joe on TV, and she freaks out. She loves it! But I don't know if she's fully connected the dots yet."

After the holidays, it's back to work for Nick. As of now, he's planning to take his manager to the Golden Globes—as well as his mom, if he can score an extra ticket. "The first and only time I went to the Golden Globes [in 2009], we were seated with Zac Efron and Blake Lively. That was our table. My brothers and I, I don't think we were 21 yet; I definitely wasn't...We couldn't have the champagne at the table. I'm really looking forward to that aspect of it." So, it was kind of like being at the kids' table? "I think it was, kind of, now that I think back to it," he laughed. "I think Zac was maybe newly 21."

Nick will have plenty of reasons to pop some bubbly in the New Year, if all goes according to plan. Early next year, Nick will turn his attention back to music full-time. "There's already a record that's finished...We just want to make sure we have the time to really dedicate to it. So, the beginning of next year, I expect to be putting out this body of work," Nick revealed. "I'm very excited about it. I think it's some of my strongest yet."